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Fatal Bus Accident in Louisiana Kills 2 and Injures 41

As more details continue to be released about yesterday’s bus accident that occurred near New Orleans on Interstate 10, it is starting to seem like this crash should have never occurred in the first place. Yesterday’s accident killed two and injured another 41. A district fire chief with the St. John the Baptist Fire Department and a motorist involved in the collision died. The bus was carrying around 40 construction workers on their way to help rebuilding efforts in Baton Rouge. It turns out the driver responsible for bringing the workers to their destination did not have a commercial driver’s license and was speeding. The bus driver was cited three weeks earlier for driving without a license after being pulled over on the same interstate where the accident occurred. According to police, the unlicensed driver lost control of the bus and crashed into a fire truck and other vehicles. The…
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Can You Pursue Third Party Claims for On the Job Injuries?

If your employer uses workers’ compensation, you will most likely not be able to file a lawsuit against them for injuries sustained during a work accident. Your employer’s actions would have to be intentional. However, there are cases where you can file a lawsuit against third parties who are responsible for causing your injuries. These are called third party claims. Third parties can include the manufacturers of equipment or people not employed by the company you work for. What Do Third Party Claim Cases Look Like? Sam has spent the last seven years working for a Southern Louisiana pipe supply company. Most days are spent in the warehouse moving equipment and taking inventory, but Sam is sometimes required to make deliveries to nearby clients. On one of these trips to deliver inventory, Sam is hit by a drunk driver. He wakes up one day later in the hospital with a…
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Can Concussions Cause Death?

Having the ability to quickly diagnose concussions is a matter of extreme importance. For this reason, the medical community has put effort into creating new diagnostic methods for concussions, such as blood tests. By rapidly diagnosing concussions, lives can be saved and further complications can be prevented. People who have suffered concussions from sports-related injuries, car accidents or some other form of blunt force trauma are at risk for succumbing to second-impact syndrome. Second-impact syndrome is exactly what the name implies – a person suffers one concussion and then sustains another shortly thereafter. When second-impact syndrome is not fatal, it can result in permanent disability. Why can second-impact syndrome be fatal? The condition almost always results in massive swelling, causing the brain to push against the skull or spinal column. Who is at Risk for Second-Impact Syndrome? Second-impact syndrome is rare, but some people are at risk more than others….
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