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Could Poor Lighting Be to Blame for this Construction Accident?

  A Louisiana worker is accusing a business owner of negligence after he was injured in a construction accident. The man was working as a drywall installer for King and Co. when he fell and sustained injuries to his neck, head and back. He is claiming that the company failed to provide the adequate amount of lighting for the site. Because of their mistakes, he argues that he was unable to see the stairs. This caused him to slip and hit his head on a metal railing. The case is against both the business where the man was contracting and its insurance company. It will be heard in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court next August. Falls Are a Common Type of Construction Accident Fall accidents are the most common type on the job injury in the construction industry. Sometimes, there is no preventing them, but often they are a…
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This Louisiana Truck Driver Was Just Rescued from a Sinking Vehicle

A truck driver was recently rescued from the canal along Interstate 10 after a highway accident left him unconscious in a sinking vehicle. The man lost control of the 18-wheeler for unclear reasons, then veered across the highway and into the canal. Onlookers say that the vehicle quickly filled with water and began to sink. Drivers along the road parked and attempted to help the truck driver, but at first they were unable to get into the cabin. A passing work truck stopped. The men inside assisted, and they used the truck’s crane to help recover the driver inside the vehicle. Law enforcement noticed a white sedan crashed in the woods nearby the interstate. Police discovered that the truck accident had caused the woman in the car to lose control and crash off of the street. She did not suffer any serious injuries, and her car was towed safely from…
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Is it Safe to Ride in a Pick-up’s Cargo Area?

A young girl was recently killed in a tragic truck accident after she was thrown from the pick-up’s cargo area. A local woman was moving her trashcans. Two young girls were riding in the bed of her truck to assist her. The two girls were sisters, ages 12 and 15. The woman temporarily parked her truck along the side of the highway in order to move her trash cans. Meanwhile, a young man was driving West in the same area. He attempted to avoid a crash, but he was unable to dodge the truck entirely. When the two trucks collided, both of the young girls were thrown from back of the truck. The older sister was pronounced dead, and the younger sister sustained serious injuries. A helicopter rushed both girls to Our Lady Lake Medical Center in Baton Rouge. The police do not believe either driver was under the influence…
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