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Pursuing Justice for Victims of Drunk Driving Accidents

At the law firm of Galloway Jefcoat, LLP, in Lafayette, we offer a compassionate approach and blend of strong advocacy when handling drunk driving personal injury accidents. Whether you are suffering serious injuries or tragically lost your loved one from someone else's negligent actions, we understand you would do anything to turn back time. We are committed to securing your legal rights during this unsettling time.

We offer more than 15 years of experience seeking justice for victims of drunk driving accidents. We will apply our years of experience, skills, and legal resources to aggressively hold at-fault drivers accountable in pursuit of a full financial recovery. Our team of personal injury attorneys wants you and your family to focus on healing, without worrying about expenses associated with the personal injury or wrongful death accident. Contact our law firm today to meet with a highly skilled Lafayette drunk driving accidents lawyer.

Devoting the Right Legal Resources to Fatal Accident Claims

At the law firm of Galloway Jefcoat, LLP, we treat every family with a wrongful death claim as our top priority. The attorneys at our law firm devote substantial time and resources preparing every case for a favorable jury verdict. Our focus on results begins with a detailed investigation into the cause of the fatal accident. We act quickly to evaluate the accident scene and determine any liability factors. Part of our work includes reviewing witness statements and the police reports indicating the motorists' blood alcohol content at the time of the accident.

We also determine if a restaurant or bar can face additional liability for serving the at-fault driver alcohol before the accident when he or she was visibly drunk. This is know as dram shop liability. In this case, our law firm will pursue damages against both the driver and the at-fault third party. We seek every angle possible to obtain a full financial recovery for families with fatal auto accident claims, including accidents involving:

We are committed to helping you and your family obtain a full financial recovery for any medical bills associated with the accident, lost wages, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and, in some cases, punitive damages. Even if the at-fault drunk driver has little or no insurance, we will seek to pursue your right to obtain compensation through an uninsured/underinsured motorist claim. No amount of money can change what happened. But, we want you to focus on healing without worrying about your finances.

Helping Accident Victims Obtain a Full Financial Recovery

Our firm's Lafayette drunk driving accident lawyers have extensive experience handling drunk driving accident claims. We understand the extent of medical complications survivors of drunk driving accidents can endure. When you select our law firm, we will work directly with your doctor to understand the extent of your injuries, such as:

The attorneys at our law firm have the resources to consult economists and vocational experts to understand if your medical condition has affected your ability to continue working. We want the insurance company to understand how the accident has affected you. Our focus is to obtain maximum compensation covering your long-term medical needs, lost wages, property damages, and your pain and suffering.

Contact Our Firm's Broussard Car Accident Lawyers

If you or your loved one was in a drunk driving accident in Louisiana, consult an experienced personal injury attorney at Galloway Jefcoat, LLP. We will provide you with an honest assessment of your case and your options.

Contact Galloway Jefcoat, LLP, online or call us at 337-205-7085 or toll free at 888-537-1490 to schedule a free initial consultation and learn about your right to a full recovery. Se habla español.

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