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Personal Injury 101: Understanding What We Mean by ‘Damages’

Injuries and deaths are common when people are hurt by the negligence of others. When injured parties or their families file personal injury lawsuits, or Google how to, there may be some confusion on what personal injury lawyers mean by ‘damages’. Damages are monetary awards granted to victims after the successful outcome of personal injury lawsuits. Personal injury lawsuits deal with economic and non-economic damages. There are major differences between these two types of damages that are important to understand. To help illustrate how both work, we are going to discuss a hypothetical example. Ted is an LSU law school student driving home to visit his parents in Lafayette during spring break. He has perfect grades, a beautiful fiancée and plenty of friends. While driving along I-10, his car’s engine suddenly stops with no warning, causing him to lose control and crash into a ditch. An emergency helicopter ride to…
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IVC Blood Clot Filters: When Medical Devices Turn Deadly

Medical devices are incredible feats of technology that can save the lives of patients, reduce the effects of health conditions or diagnose illnesses. Patients can depend on these devices to measure blood pressure, carry out blood transfusions, stop blood clots and manage pain. When medical devices people depend on for good health result in death, it is the ultimate betrayal of trust. C.R. Bard’s Recovery IVC blood clot filters are a perfect example of defective medical devices that betrayed the trust of innocent people and ultimately took their lives. IVC filters are very tiny, spider-shaped devices that are implanted into the inferior vena cava, the largest vein in the body. These filters were designed to break up blood clots. Unfortunately, they have caused more than 35 horrific deaths. When these devices fail, they fracture and are pushed throughout the body. The Fatal Consequences of Corporate Negligence What makes this case…
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Can This New Device Deter Distracted Drivers?

New York lawmakers may pass legislation allowing the use of a ‘textalyzer’ to catch drivers texting behind the wheel. Much like the breathalyzer is used to measure the blood alcohol content of drunk drivers, the textalyzer would plug into mobile phones and determine whether motorists were texting at the time of an accident. Lawmakers and organizations who want this bill passed claim the textalyzer would only look at messaging activity. The details of text messages would not be accessible by police, nor would app data, photos, phone numbers or any other personal information. Would motorists in New York risk texting and driving if they knew police may check their phones? This law might also make it much easier to pursue both criminal and civil cases against distracted drivers. There are already ways to receive call and message logs from service providers after an accident, but the textalyzer could make this…
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