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How Can Excessive Mud Affect Driving?

When considering environmental factors as a cause for car accidents, we generally think of icy roads or heavy rain. However, a news story in Union Parish, Louisiana reminds us that excessive mud can be dangerous as well. The cause for this specific muddy situation is because of logging trucks, which drop mud on the roads while they transport their cargo. State officials fear that residual mud will pose a danger to drivers, especially when mixed with the heavy rain over that past few weeks. If a vehicle causes a situation that clogs up traffic or poses a danger to other drivers because of dropped cargo or other road debris, including mud or dirt, then the driver of the vehicle could find himself or herself in trouble with the law. Louisiana Protects Drivers from Road Debris Caused by Businesses A Louisiana statute makes it illegal to obstruct highways or roadways with…
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Statistics Show that Seatbelts Save Lives

A 21-year-old man in Walker, Louisiana was killed in a car crash in Livingston Parish when his car veered off the road and rolled over into a ditch. Neither he nor his injured passenger were wearing seatbelts. This tragic car accident is an example of many of the fatal wrecks that occur in Louisiana involving motorists not wearing seatbelts. Is a Lack of Seatbelt Use a Problem in Louisiana? Louisiana is one of 28 states that require both front and rear passengers to wear seatbelts. Despite being one of the states with a strong seatbelt law, many of our residents still choose to not wear seatbelts. Currently, Louisiana ranks 32nd in seatbelt use, which is below the national average. This an issue that really needs to be addressed as the fatality rate of individuals that do not wear seatbelts is rather high. Less than One-fifth of Drivers Make Up Most…
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Can Daylight Savings Increase Workplace Injuries?

The Society for Human Resource Management published an article on the effects of daylight savings as a cause for workplace accidents. Research in the Journal of Applied Psychology shows that this loss of one hour can increase the number of workplace injuries across the nation. The U.S. Department of Labor can confirm this with statistics that show that more injuries happen on the Monday after daylight savings than on an average Monday. The loss of an hour sleep saw a 5.7 percent increase in injuries at the workplace. The National Sleep Foundation adds that it can take several days to get used to the time change. Jobs that require more attention to detail than most are especially affected by the lost hour of sleep. The extra hour gained later in the year does not seem to affect workplace safety. Have You Been Injured on the Job in Lafayette? An injury…
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