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Can Concussions Cause Death?

Having the ability to quickly diagnose concussions is a matter of extreme importance. For this reason, the medical community has put effort into creating new diagnostic methods for concussions, such as blood tests. By rapidly diagnosing concussions, lives can be saved and further complications can be prevented. People who have suffered concussions from sports-related injuries, car accidents or some other form of blunt force trauma are at risk for succumbing to second-impact syndrome. Second-impact syndrome is exactly what the name implies – a person suffers one concussion and then sustains another shortly thereafter. When second-impact syndrome is not fatal, it can result in permanent disability. Why can second-impact syndrome be fatal? The condition almost always results in massive swelling, causing the brain to push against the skull or spinal column. Who is at Risk for Second-Impact Syndrome? Second-impact syndrome is rare, but some people are at risk more than others….
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Are You One of the Millions of Vehicle Owners Driving with Recalled Parts?

A recent study carried out by J.D. Power and Associates, a market research group, discovered 45 million vehicles recalled between 2013 and 2015 have not been fixed. The group used data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for its study. In 2015, 51 million vehicles were subjected to safety recalls. More than half of the vehicles recalled have not been fixed by repair shops. This study implies that many drivers here in Louisiana have not received repairs for vehicle recalls. According to the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act, automakers are required by law to inform car owners of recalls. However, there are cases where vehicle owners remain unaware of recall notices. How to Receive Repairs for Vehicle Recalls Finding information on vehicle recalls is easy and can be done over the internet with a computer or smart phone. To discover if your vehicle has been…
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How Should You Handle Insurance Companies After an Accident?

Surviving a car accident is often a traumatic experience. However, it can also be a confusing experience when it is very easy to make mistakes. One of the most common mistakes people make is speaking to the other driver’s insurance adjuster before contacting an attorney. You are under no legal obligation to speak to the other driver’s insurance adjuster. In fact, doing so can seriously jeopardize your claim. If you contact an attorney after an accident, you can avoid making mistakes that lead to your claim being reduced or denied. Very soon after an accident, an insurance adjuster may attempt to contact you. People often make the following mistakes when talking to insurance adjusters (which is a mistake in itself). Agreeing to settle: After an accident, the other driver’s insurance adjuster is likely to call you and push for a quick settlement. You might be unaware of the full cost…
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