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If you or your loved one was in a rear-end collision or t-bone accident, obtain experienced legal help. Insurance companies often try and rush accident victims into a quick settlement without taking into account the long-term medical complications associated with serious and even life-threatening car accidents and truck accidents.

At the law firm of Galloway Jefcoat, LLP, we offer more than 15 years of experience handling catastrophic and fatal accident claims. We know that no two accidents are the same. Our firm's personal injury attorneys offer a comprehensive approach focused on uncovering liability factors, while illustrating to insurance companies the extent of damages involved. We want insurance companies to see you as an individual, providing you with the right level of compensation for your ongoing medical needs and other expenses associated with the motor vehicle accident. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our law office in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Determining the Cause of T-Bone Accidents and Rear-End Collisions

T-bone accidents often occur when a driver fails to yield at a traffic light or a stop sign. The personal injury attorneys at our firm have experience handling claims against drivers who were driving under the influence of alcohol, texting or talking on their phones while driving. Catastrophic and life-threatening accidents often occur when impaired or distracted drivers fail to yield and swipe the side of a car with the front end of their vehicle.

Our firm's Lafayette rear-end collision lawyers have experience pursuing claims against distracted drivers and motorists who were tailgating and failed to stop in time to avoid a car accident. We have handled a substantial number of motor vehicle claims, but we never make any assumptions.

Our legal team devotes the right resources meeting with eyewitnesses, reviewing the police report, and evaluating the accident scene to determine negligence. When liability remains unclear, we consult accident reconstructionists to analyze any property damage or skid marks left from the accident. In some cases, our investigative efforts may reveal that a rear-end collision was not caused by the driver in the rear vehicle. Aggressive and distracted motorists can be held accountable for changing lanes without leaving enough space for the vehicles behind to stop safely.

Pursuing Damages for Victims of Catastrophic and Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Air bags are designed to protect individuals involved in head-on and rear-end accidents. That safety measure is less effective in side-impact collisions, creating an even greater risk for victims of t-bone accidents. Our law firm will work with your medical doctor to understand the extent of injuries you or your loved one endured from a t-bone accident, such as fractures, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

Individuals involved in rear-end collisions often suffer from whiplash and other soft tissue injuries. The severity of pain stemming from a rear-end collision can vary greatly. We will work with your medical doctor to help you obtain compensation for the full extent of any medical complications associated with the accident, including any loss of motion in your neck or head.

We also pursue a full financial recovery for families with wrongful death claims. We want families to focus on healing, instead of worrying about any medical expenses associated with the accident. Our legal team will advocate for you and your family to obtain maximum compensation covering any funeral expenses, lost wages, medical bills associated with the accident, and any pain and suffering.

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