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Louisiana Brain Injury Programs You Should Know About

For some people with brain injuries, part of the difficulty during rehabilitation is knowing where to access local programs that can help aid efforts to recover. Fortunately, there are several brain injury recovery programs and communities throughout Louisiana. Brain Injury Programs for Adults: Every March, Pilot International hosts an event aimed at helping adults with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). For the last three years, the Louisiana Fleur de Lis Camp has brought people with TBIs together. According to the camp organizers, most of the attendees, who come from Texas and Louisiana, led normal lives until suffering TBIs during accidents. Attendees get to meet new people and partake in recreational activities. Brain Injury-Friendly Activities for Children and Adults: Adaptive sports are another great option for accident survivors with TBIs. These athletic activities are modified to allow people with disabilities to play sports such as softball, tennis, horseback riding and basketball. The…
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How the CDC’s New Grant Can Help Improve Workplace Safety in Louisiana

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will grant the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals $1.4 million to improve workplace safety. As part of the grant, the CDC’s Occupational Health and Injury Surveillance Program will identify dangerous work environments throughout the state, improve workplace safety training, and report dangerous workplaces to OSHA. If the program is successful, then perhaps Louisiana can reduce its annual number of work accidents. Why Workplace Safety is Important for Louisiana Workers Work accidents can be prevented through proper training by providing safety equipment and by ensuring employees are operating in a safe work environment. For many occupations, workplace safety can mean the difference between life and death. This is especially true in our state. For example, the oil and gas industry, where workers operate around chemicals and other flammable materials. We recently wrote about a hypothetical scenario where a family man and roughneck was injured…
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When Greed Kills: How Corruption Created the GM Ignition Switch Scandal

Corporate scandals involving criminal activity and negligence have gotten out of control. A U.S. Senator and former Harvard law professor recently used her office to bring attention to the fact that too many companies are getting away with ‘bad behavior’. Corporate corruption and the negative consequences it can have on innocent victims has become so widespread that it deserves a regular series of blogs. Among the corporate scandals listed by the U.S. Senator is the General Motors (GM) ignition switch catastrophe, which has killed more than 100 people and injured almost 300. GM has been accused of covering up the scandal by failing to report its defective ignition switch to regulators at the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). GM Knew About the Defective Ignition Switch GM agreed to pay $900 million after a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation revealed the automaker concealed the defective ignition switch from NHTSA. Federal…
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