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Why You May Want to Think Twice About Using Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have become popular across the nation due to being marketed as a safe alternative for tobacco products. Up until recently, this industry remained unregulated, and electronic cigarettes were sold with severe safety defects. Some electronic cigarettes were sold with faulty lithium-ion batteries or equipment, which put consumers at risk for being injured by explosions. Several more consumers have been permanently injured by electronic cigarette explosions in the past few months. Keep in mind, these products do not have to be in use to explode. Explosions also involve recently used or charging electronic cigarettes. For example, a California man was injured by an electronic cigarette placed next to his work area. While working from his home office, the electronic cigarette exploded with no warning and sent shrapnel into his face. The force of the explosion and resulting shrapnel crushed his sinus bones and destroyed his left eye. He now…
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How Truck Drivers with Sleep Apnea Are Endangering Your Personal Safety

Commercial truck drivers may be concealing health conditions that put other motorists at risk. One such condition is sleep apnea, which can cause pauses in breathing throughout the night. Sufferers of sleep apnea may wake up multiple times each night and experience excessive daytime drowsiness. Truck drivers are required to pass health screenings before operating big rigs, but such tests currently depend on honesty. Some drivers may hide conditions that put other people in danger. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration policies have sought to test for and treat drivers with sleep apnea, but have been unable to carry out such regulations. Truck accidents involving drowsy commercial drivers are horrific and often deadly. In April of 2015, a truck driver with a history of sleep apnea plowed into a line of cars on I-16 in Georgia. Five nursing students who were on the way to their last training shift for the…
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Are You at Risk? Johnson & Johnson Sued Over Allegations of Carcinogenic Baby Powder

More than 1,200 lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson over allegations its popular talc baby powder heightens the risk of developing ovarian cancer. Women who used the powder and developed ovarian cancer have filed lawsuits, as have their families. The stories behind these lawsuits are tragic and raise serious questions about the safety of Johnson & Johnson’s talc baby powder. Earlier this year, a St. Louis jury awarded the family of a deceased woman $72 million in damages ($10 million in actual damages and $62 million in punitive damages). This woman’s story is tragic because she placed trust in an unsafe product and paid for it with her life. During the trial, the woman’s attorneys showed the courtroom a 1997 internal memo from Johnson & Johnson that compared denying a link between ovarian cancer and talc powder to “denying a link between smoking and lung cancer.” Cosmetic products…
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