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Can This New Device Deter Distracted Drivers?

New York lawmakers may pass legislation allowing the use of a ‘textalyzer’ to catch drivers texting behind the wheel. Much like the breathalyzer is used to measure the blood alcohol content of drunk drivers, the textalyzer would plug into mobile phones and determine whether motorists were texting at the time of an accident. Lawmakers and organizations who want this bill passed claim the textalyzer would only look at messaging activity. The details of text messages would not be accessible by police, nor would app data, photos, phone numbers or any other personal information. Would motorists in New York risk texting and driving if they knew police may check their phones? This law might also make it much easier to pursue both criminal and civil cases against distracted drivers. There are already ways to receive call and message logs from service providers after an accident, but the textalyzer could make this…
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Taxotere® and other Chemo Drugs Investigated in Louisiana

Free Consultations for Possible Chemo Drug Lawsuits 866-DRUGLINE When faced with a life changing cancer diagnosis, patients may even have multiple treatment options available to them. When preparing to battle cancer, women and their families face a huge choice. Choice of treatment can not only affect survival, but also quality of life during and after treatment so all choices must be considered carefully. Knowing the risks and possible complications of each treatment choice is essential. That is one reason drug manufacturers are required by law to warn the medical community and patients about all known side effects. Taxotere® and Life Changing Side Effects for Louisiana Surviors Unfortunately, the makers of the chemotherapy drug Taxotere® failed to warn patients and doctors that after finishing treatment, the patient’s hair may NEVER come back. While Taxotere® has helped save thousands of lives, it has also left many patients with permanent significant alopecia, or PSA….
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Preventing Another Deepwater: Offshore Rig Safety Rules Undergo Changes

Last week, we discussed how a federal judge had approved a $20 billion settlement for victims of BP’s Deepwater Horizon spill. The Deepwater spill is considered the worst environmental catastrophe in history, and nothing like it must ever be allowed to happen again. BP’s negligence killed 11 workers and sent millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The Department of the Interior (specifically the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement) recently announced new regulations that may help prevent another major disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Under the new rules, outside agencies will conduct annual assessments of blowout preventers (BOPs). BOPs are responsible for preventing the buildup of underground pressure caused by explosive hydrocarbons. During the Deepwater incident, a faulty BOP failed to seal a sudden surge of natural gas, which ignited and caused the explosion. With regular assessments of blowout preventers conducted by outside agencies, it…
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