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Out-of-Work Oil Industry Worker? These Online Resources Might Help

When oil prices started a downward spiral in 2014 and then stayed low for two years, many oil and gas companies were unable to stay profitable. The financial resources put into surveying, drilling and refining could no longer generate a healthy profit for many companies. This was especially true for companies operating in the fracking industry, which sank more costs into extracting and refining oil. Many companies filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in an attempt to ride out the economic turmoil. Unfortunately, this had awful effects on the lives of tens of thousands of workers in this industry. Many were laid off, including right here in Lafayette. The Louisiana Workforce Commission, several state colleges and other organizations have launched, a website designed to help people who were laid off from the oil and gas industry. As the website suggests, there are still jobs available throughout the state. Some jobs…
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Why You Should Always Make Motorcycle Safety a Priority

If you are one of many people taking your motorcycle out of the garage this summer, it may help to pay close attention to this blog. Although motorcycles are an effective form of transportation and popular hobby for enthusiasts, they also come with certain dangers. Many dangers are created by other motorists, such as distracted or inattentive drivers. However, lack of visibility is another primary cause of motorcycle accidents. Fortunately, there are methods riders may be able to use to prevent motorcycle accidents. In the event riders are involved in collisions, there are also ways that might reduce the chances of serious injuries. 5 Tips that May Prevent Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries Visibility: Staying visible is one of the most effective ways to avoid accidents. Increasing your visibility can be done in several ways. The most obvious way is to wear bright clothing. However, riders can purchase bright motorcycles or…
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Why Driverless Cars May Face Safety Hurdles

Driverless cars might one day promise us a future where accident rates plummet downwards towards insignificance. However, there are still many safety hurdles that driverless cars must overcome before such a future is possible. There are still too many questions surrounding how driverless cars will handle adverse weather events, such as snowstorms and heavy rain. For those who have lived in Lafayette for a considerable amount of time, you know that rain can seemingly appear out of nowhere, meaning this hurdle for driverless cars applies to our town. An article published in The Atlantic raised this point and interviewed several experts in the field of robotics to get their input on adverse weather conditions and driverless cars. According to the head of robotics at Duke University, driverless car testing needs to incorporate adverse weather and traffic conditions. At the moment, Google’s driverless cars pull over during stormy weather. Some manufacturers…
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