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Louisiana Oil Rig Worker Files Lawsuit Against Chevron

According to the Southeast Texas Record, an oil rig worker from Louisiana has filed a lawsuit against Chevron, because of a variety of injuries incurred while cutting a pipe in 2014. Before cutting the pipe, the victim alleges that he was not informed that the pipe still carried raw crude oil, which then covered him when he cut the pipe. Soon after, heavy compressor clips knocked him down. In the end, he suffered chemical burns, including to his eyes, and back injuries. The victim and his lawyers claim that Chevron is liable because the oil company failed to properly train or supervise employees, provide proper safety equipment or maintain a safe work environment, among many other reasons for liability. Unfortunately, oil rig injuries such as these are becoming more common as the oil drilling industry expands. In fact, according to National Public Radio, on-the-job oil drilling fatalities have increased by…
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Will Designated Drivers Become Mandatory for Louisiana?

A bill has been proposed in the Louisiana State Legislature that may curb DWI accidents if it passes. While the bill is preventative, it could be controversial, as it would require that drinking establishments refrain from serving clients who do not have a designated driver. The bill would also protect the designated driver from being removed from an establishment because he or she is not buying alcohol. One of the drawbacks is that people with out-of state licenses would not be eligible to be a designated driver. The legislator who proposed the bill, based off his statements, understands that his own bill may not work. In fact, he thinks that local government or college campuses may be better at creating and enforcing rules regarding drunk driving than state legislators could. Why Would a Legislator Propose a Bill That May Not Work? The originator of the bill asserts that, while the…
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Who Is Liable in Boating Accidents?

The body of a woman killed in a boating accident in the Bogue Chitto River was found recently, according to the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office. It is believed that engine trouble caused the boat she had been on to capsize. Two adults and three children were onboard the boat at the time of the incident. Fortunately, all of the children survived, because they were wearing floatation devices. The adults, however, both drowned. Currently, the fault in the accident is unknown. However, in boating accidents like this, another party could be liable if it can be proven that the fault rests on the shoulders of someone other than the injured party. Boating Accident Liability Depending on the circumstances that led to the boating accident injury or wrongful death, the fault could belong to someone other than the victim. In such cases, you must be able to prove that the negligent…
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