Injured at Sea?

Boating Accident Lawyers Keep You Afloat

Picture of BoatingSince boating is such a popular leisure activity in Louisiana, boating accidents are bound to happen. Collisions, fires, passengers falling out, and boats capsizing can cause serious injuries and even death at sea.

When an accident happens, victims need a strong advocate with years of proven experience. Our Lafayette maritime attorneys have represented victims of boating accidents since 1996. We are well-versed in the technicalities of maritime law, and we do not back down when seeking compensation for your injuries and losses.

How Do Boating Accidents Happen?

Special licenses are not required to operate a motorboat for recreational purposes in Louisiana. People born after January 1, 1984 operating a boat with a motor over 10 horsepower are required to take a safety course, but the reality is that not all boat operators are licensed or have taken the safety course. Inexperienced boating operators plus the many distraction and drinking that takes place on recreational boats is a recipe for disaster.

Distracted drivers and drunk drivers, plus the “need for speed,” can lead to dangerous behavior that imperils the passengers of a boat and others on the waterway. The reality of boating accidents is that they can happen to anyone.

What Should I Do If I’m on a Boat Involved in an Accident?

Your quick actions can help save lives and prevent injuries. After ensuring the health of passengers on your vessel and any other vehicles involved, notify the Coast Guard of the accident. Just like contacting the authorities after a car crash, notifying the Coast Guard helps create a record of the incident. The Coast Guard can also help in the event of a serious injury or the threat of the boat sinking.

Once everyone is safe, you will want to exchange insurance information with anyone else involved in the accident. Collecting witness statements will help you file your claim as well.