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Why Did This Louisiana-Based Vessel and Oil Rig Company Recently File for Bankruptcy?

An American marine transportation company filed for bankruptcy earlier in March. The Louisiana-based Harvey Gulf International Marine LLC has more than 50 ships in its marine fleet and supplies offshore oil rigs among other oil services. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Houston, Texas, and they reported that they had more than $1 billion in debt. What Happened? In the company’s court papers, it was stated the amount of debt that they were handling, as well as an agreement with lenders to help reduce what they owed. Lenders would then have the equity in the company when it finishes bankruptcy. Other creditors of the company, such as their suppliers, will be fully paid. Many offshore drilling and oil companies have filed for bankruptcy in recent years because of huge drops in oil prices that cut the demand for rigs. Harvey Gulf operates vessels under the Jones Act, which…
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How Do Pipeline Accidents Occur?

Over the last few years, there have been several mysterious accidents that have occurred at oil rig platforms and gas stations. Over long-time periods of investigation, many of these accidents were discovered to be the result of pipeline explosions. Pipeline accidents are especially dangerous because they can develop into very serious disasters, such as oil spills, gas leaks, and overall severe injuries and fatalities. As a regular citizen or someone who works near pipelines, it’s crucial to know how these incidents can occur. How Do These Accidents Happen? Pipeline transportation was actually created in order to be a safer option. Oil pipelines have been found to be 70 times safer than trucks, which actually have killed four times as many people in a four-year time span compared to pipelines. Unfortunately, when pipelines fail, their consequences are much more catastrophic and can result in intense federal investigations. There are several ways…
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Why Are Bilingual Speakers Important in the Workplace?

Every single person can bring unique traits to their workplace because everyone has a different educational and social background. Speaking another language, besides English, is a skill that many people have acquired over the past 50 years. People have started to see the value in being bilingual, not only for personal preference, but because it’s valuable for your growing career. Bilingual speakers in the workplace are increasing, and if you are interested in learning another language it’s crucial to know how the skill can benefit you and your job. What Are the Advantages of Bilingual Employees? Target undiscovered client pool: Having a bilingual speaker in the workplace can give business owners and employers a chance to reach a larger customer and client base. Bilingual speaking people can serve as language interpreters for potential and existing clients. Benefits for education and healthcare: There are certain businesses that would especially benefit from…
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