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5 Reasons Driving During the Thanksgiving Holiday Is Dangerous

Last year, according to Louisiana’s Highway Safety Research Group (HSRG), there were 564 traffic crashes on Louisiana roads during the Thanksgiving holiday period. The holiday period began at 6:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Eve and went through midnight of the following Monday. Out of those traffic crashes, nearly 11 percent were in Calcasieu and Lafayette Parish. These numbers do not reflect commercial vehicle crashes. Why are the roads so dangerous during this time of year? Reason #1: Traffic Congestion With millions of people on the roads during the Thanksgiving holiday, there is more traffic congestion. An increase in traffic could cause a higher risk for accidents. In addition, many people traveling during Thanksgiving will be driving on unfamiliar roads. Traffic congestion along with unsafe driving behaviors such as distracted driving or aggressive driving could cause more traffic accidents. Reason #2: Speeding Thanksgiving is on a week day. Many people have to…
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