The 4 Most Common Types of Maritime Accidents

Boating accidents occur with little warningThere’s nothing more relaxing than floating on a boat on the water. As the operator of the boat, however, it is your duty to keep clear of all potential dangers. Here are some of the most likely maritime accidents you’re likely to come across on a lake, river, or bay.

Common Maritime Accidents and How to Avoid Them

  • Capsizing – Rough seas combined with operating a boat at unsafe speeds can cause a boat to overturn. Turning a boat when it is moving too quickly can also lead to a boat capsizing. Having situational awareness and exercising caution will keep your boat upright and all passengers safe.
  • Man overboard – This boating accident is no laughing matter. Falling overboard results in death more often than any other type of maritime accident. The most likely reasons for a person falling off a boat are because of consumption of alcohol and slippery decks. Limiting alcohol consumption and keeping the deck dry whenever possible can help prevent slips and falls.
  • Collisions – In busy bodies of water, boat on boat collisions are a possibility. Another common kind of collision is between boats and fixed objects, especially when a boat is docking. Generally, these accidents are less serious and result from an inexperienced, distracted or intoxicated operator. However, higher speed collisions with fixed objects, such as rocks in shallow waters, can cause significant damage and injuries. Avoid this by lowering speeds in no-wake zones.

Boating is a fun family activity that needn’t be tainted by the threat of injury. By educating yourself on the most likely causes of injuries, you’re more likely to exercise the proper precautions that prevent them from happening. If you were injured in a boating accident, contacting a local personal injury attorney can help you stay informed of your options for compensation.

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