4 Essential Wet Weather Driving Tips for Louisianans

Slick roads are almost always dangerousRecent weather in Louisiana has been wet, windy, rainy and intense – so pretty much normal for us. Unfortunately for those of us who drive regularly, wet weather and roads can create hazardous driving conditions. For this reason, it is important to perform regular maintenance on our vehicles and adopt safe driving practices.

Don’t drive with awful tires: Federal Highway Administration statistics show more that than 1 million car accidents are caused by wet weather conditions, and that most can be prevented by properly maintaining tires. Driving during wet weather on tires with worn treads can cause you to lose traction with the road, a process known as hydroplaning. Tire pressure is also critical for personal safety during wet weather.

Drive slowly and give other vehicles room: Even if you properly maintain your vehicle, other motorists may neglect regular maintenance. This is a major reason why it is important to give other vehicles room. Sudden stops require more room to maneuver during wet weather. In addition, driving slowly can decrease the risk of hydroplaning.

Increase your visibility: Rainy weather can cause poor visibility, so it is important to make sure windshield wipers and lights are fully functioning. Faulty windshield wipers can leave streaks that make it difficult to see. Headlights and tail lights are important for your visibility, but also so other motorists can see your vehicle.

Pay attention: Bad driving habits are much more dangerous during wet weather conditions. Distracted driving, eating behind the wheel, applying makeup or speeding can get you and others killed. In addition, cruise control can take away focus from driving and should be avoided during wet weather.

Drive Safely, Because Not Everyone Else Does

Not everyone is experienced with driving in Louisiana’s often wet climate, and we receive plenty of out-of-state drivers passing through. It is important to always stay vigilant while driving and assume the worst could happen at any moment. Having a properly maintained vehicle and practicing safe driving habits can decrease your chances of being involved in an accident.

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