4 Holiday Safety Tips for Lafayette Families

Stay safe during the holidaysThe holidays can sometimes end in tragedy from fires, theft and accidents. Fortunately, there are ways to keep you, your family and friends safe. A recent article published by KATC can give us some insight into the types of accidents families may face during the holidays. KATC used information provided by Acadiana Security Plus, a local commercial and residential security company. Lafayette law enforcement officials have also offered holiday safety tips for families.

  • Christmas trees can become a source of tragedy when exposed to heat. Some artificial Christmas trees are not flame retardant and can cause fires. Even real Christmas trees can become a fire hazard. Dry pine needles can easily ignite. It is important to keep both real and artificial Christmas trees away from sources of heat, such as vents or candles.
  • Keep safety in mind when cooking. Never leave cooking food unattended, and always ensure ovens or stovetops have been turned off. Fires can start in a matter of minutes, and even a short trip to the store can end in disaster.
  • Decorating during the holidays can be dangerous, especially during poor weather. Falling from ladders or roofs and electric shocks are common reasons for emergency room visits during the holidays. Be especially cautious when setting up decorations during very cold or wet weather, as ice can accumulate.
  • Not everyone is in a jolly mood during the holidays, and some people use Christmas as a chance to steal from others. The Lafayette Police Department has warned shoppers to shop with friends and to avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Local law enforcement has also warned to avoid walking around with bags from top-dollar stores, as this can make shoppers targets for thieves.

Staying safe involves planning, knowledge and vigilance. For regular updates on how to stay safe this holiday season, continue following our personal injury blog.

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