4 Simple Maintenance Steps to Prevent Car Accidents

Picture of Tire BlowoutAccording to the National Safety Council, more than 4.4 million Americans are injured in car accidents every year. Some accidents are an unavoidable part of car transportation, but many of these disasters could easily have been prevented. Here are a few simple car maintenance habits that will keep you safer on the road.

4 Simple Maintenance Steps to Prevent Car Accidents

  1. Regularly check your brakes: A slight issue with the effectiveness of your brakes will make a big difference when you’re in a tough situation on the road. You can make sure your brakes are in good condition by checking your brake pads about twice per year. When your brake pads are damaged it leaves the rotors vulnerable to major issues. Keeping the pads in good condition will help prevent accidents and save you money on repairs.
  2. Take care of your tires: Letting the treads wear out on your tires will mean your car has a worse grip on the road. Not only will this mean you get worse gas mileage, it will also make it far more likely for your car to slide in bad weather. Regularly checking your tires and replacing them when they are worn out could potentially save your life.
  3. Check your transmission fluid: Transmission fluid helps lubricate all the moving parts inside your transmission. If you don’t watch this closely it may cause your transmission to shift improperly. These kinds of issues are expensive to fix, and create a serious danger on the road.
  4. Check your wheel alignment: Bad wheel alignment will cause your car to veer slightly in one direction at all times. This will make it more difficult to drive safely or navigate out of a dangerous situation. Over time, bad alignment will also wear down the treads of your tires. If your car has issues with wheel alignment, don’t wait to get it fixed.

Turning these basic steps into habits will help you save money and avoid accidents. The road can be an unpredictable place. The last thing you want to do is to make it even more dangerous by neglecting to take care of your car.

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