5 Most Common Causes of a Boat Accident

5 most common causes of a boat a - 5 Most Common Causes of a Boat Accident

Lindsay Lohan nearly lost her finger in a boat accident. The injury happened after she tried to catch a falling anchor. Luckily, the doctors were able to successfully reconnect her finger. Here’s a look at the most common causes of these accidents.

Most Common Causes of a Boat Accident

  1. Crashes with other boats
  2. Flooding on the boat
  3. Crashes with fixed objects
  4. Grounding against the ocean or lake floor
  5. Skier accidents

Factors such as drunk driving, a lack of boating safety training and negligence can play a role in nearly every type of boating injury. While this particular case is somewhat unusual, it’s possible that factors such as safety training could have prevented it. The numbers suggest that there are fewer incidents where at least one boater is trained in safety. Learning the basics of boating and safety can go a long way on the water.

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