A Dangerous Defective Auto Part Causes Unintended Acceleration

A Louisiana man named Ernest Jackson has decided to file a lawsuit with the Louisiana U. S. District Court against the powerful Ford Motor Company. The cause for the plaintiff’s lawsuit is a car accident injury caused by unintended acceleration that he was unable to control.

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The event that led to the lawsuit occurred when Mr. Jackson was driving his 2000 Ford Explorer on cruise control at about 55 miles per hour. Suddenly, his vehicle accelerated on its own for apparently no reason. He attempted to use the foot brakes and the emergency brake, but neither of these stopped the vehicle. Eventually, his SUV went off the road, back onto the road and across traffic. The vehicle did not stop until he crashed into trees and fell into a ditch.

Mr. Jackson received head and back injuries, as well as the loss of vision in an eye in this unfortunate accident. This story is a textbook example of an area of product liability known as defective auto parts.

Are Dangerous Car Defects Common?

Automobile product liability incidents can cause considerable damage, as we have seen in the story mentioned above. When a defective vehicle or car part is found, auto companies are generally expected to issue a recall. Frighteningly, recalls are very common, which means mistakes are made all the time. In a recent Washington Post article, 2014 witnessed over 50 million vehicle recalls in the first ten months of that year alone. That is three times more than there were vehicles bought in 2013. That is also enough cars to give over one-sixth of the population a vehicle. In short, that is many mistakes at the design and car manufacturing level.

On top of this, some car companies can be negligent in informing consumers of recalls or of dangers that should require a recall. When this happens, injuries can occur and lawsuits are sometimes filed.

If a defect in your vehicle can be proven to have caused your injuries, then you may be able to collect damages to pay for your medical expenses and other financial losses. An experienced car accident attorney can increase your chances of taking on a powerful auto manufacturer successfully.

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