Aggressive Drivers to Blame for Rise in Louisiana Auto Insurance Rates?

Can speeding trucks be stopped?A recent KADN-TV report revealed that auto insurance rates in Louisiana saw a sharp jump in 2016. According the KADN-TV story, the number of people filing insurance claims for bodily injury in car accidents in Louisiana is twice the national average. As a result, LA auto insurance rates have risen as insurers pass the cost of those payouts on to consumers.

Why Are Auto Insurance Rates Going Up in Louisiana?

Per the KADN-TV article, insurance companies believe that a combination of lower gas prices, distracted driving and overly aggressive drivers has led to the LA auto insurance rates jump.

In the case of lower gas prices, that just enables more drivers to afford to venture onto the roads. More drivers on the road means more opportunities for collisions.

As for distracted driving, since smartphone usage has shot to popularity in the last few years, so have incidents of accidents occurring because a driver was distracted. Common forms of distracted driving include texting and driving, operating a GPS and making calls without using a hands-free device.

Insurers recommend that drivers practice defensive driving to avoid wrecks with aggressive drivers. In addition, drivers should always avoid driving while distracted.

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