Another Truck Crashes Into a Louisiana Home

another truck crashes into a lou - Another Truck Crashes Into a Louisiana Home

A few weeks ago we brought you the story of a Port Barre home that was almost burnt down when a commercial truck crashed into it. Now it has happened again, this time in Lacassine. Another truck crashes into a Louisiana home, and now another family must rebuild.

How Did The Truck Accident Happen?

On Thursday August 6th, a tractor trailer collided with two other vehicles before losing control and driving off of LA 101 near US 90. The truck covered 400 feet before crashing into the bedroom of a nearby home, but no one inside the home was injured. The truck driver, a man from Sulfur, sustained minor injuries and one of the drivers in the initial crash suffered moderate injuries.

Are These Accidents Common?

Not many people realize that vehicles crash into buildings quite frequently. Experts estimate that over 60 vehicles collide with buildings every day, and the reasons for these crashes can be numerous. Sometimes it is as simple as stepping on the wrong pedal while leaving a parking lot, sometimes it can be the result of texting, and sometimes falling asleep at the wheel can cause such an accident. Raising awareness about this problem is critical, and that’s where a civil lawsuit can help.

Getting legal help when a vehicle crashes into your home should be a top priority, and your actions could help prevent the next accident. That’s why the lawyers at Galloway Jefcoat are ready to help you if a truck or any other vehicle collides with your home. We can investigate these crashes and can help you with the complications left by the damage. For more tips and info, be sure to follow our blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

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