Are Westlake Dump Trucks Driving Dangerously?

Picture of 18 WheelerWestlake, Louisiana has been growing lately. The small community is having an industrial boom and so a lot of new construction has gone up to make room for the new businesses, but the expansion isn’t delighting every one.

“The police tell me that my child can’t even ride down the road on his bicycle because of all this stuff going on,” says one Westlake father about the construction and increased truck traffic. “They don’t stop, they don’t put on directionals… give me a break, come on.” He is not the only voice speaking out.

Many residents have complained about dump truck drivers speeding through their neighborhoods, running stop lights, and having several near misses. The police have already been made aware of the problem, and they even caught one truck driver doing 50 miles an hour in a 25 miles per hour zone. The Westlake police have now had meetings with the construction and hauling companies to get these problems rectified. They claim that a plan of action will may these traffic problems a thing of the past, but sometimes these companies need a stronger push.

Can An Attorney Help My Community Become Safer After a Truck Accident?

Sometimes a lawsuit can be the best way to get a company to recognize its responsibilities to the public if a dump truck or tractor-trailer causes an accident.

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