Do I Need UM Insurance? Attorney Rusty Galloway Says YES!

Defective vehicles can cause fatalities and injuries

Auto Accident UM Coverage    I’ve been practicing personal injury law since 1996.  One of the common themes that I’ve seen over and over again is that too many times, there is just not enough insurance money available to make the injured person whole.  Louisiana has the lowest minimum liability requirements in the country at just $15,000/30,000.  Anytime there is a serious accident, those limits are quickly used up by medical bills.  Just a single day in the hospital could easily exhaust those meager funds available.  Even if you have health insurance for your medical bills, who is going to pay your deductible and who is going to pay you for your lost time at work?

Will your accident be covered by your UM insurance?

That’s where UM insurance comes in. It is designed for those times when the “at fault” party’s insurance is not enough, and they are either “uninsured or underinsured.”  Your own liability insurance carrier also provides your UM policy and hopefully, you have enough of a UM policy to cover your losses.

It’s a tragedy if you don’t have enough coverage. Here’s the second part of the tragedy.  The Legislature of the State of Louisiana has determined that if an insurance company wants to sell liability insurance in our state, the insurance carrier must offer an equal UM policy to every liability policy that they sell.  The only way an insurance carrier is allowed to not provide UM coverage is if YOU elect to disregard or lower the UM portion of your policy.

I don’t sell insurance and I have no reason to increase their profits.  But, I am in the business of helping people.  If you are not sure that you’ve adequately protected yourself and your family, give your insurance agent a call and make sure that you’ve got UM protection on your liability policy.  It just makes good sense.

-Rusty Galloway of Galloway Jefcoat, LLP

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