Did Bad Highway Safety Cause These Wrongful Deaths?

How should you handle car insurance after an accident?A jury has just awarded $4.4 million in damages to parents for the wrongful death of their two children.

The accident occurred when a young woman lost control of her SUV and veered off the road. The SUV slid down a steep embankment and hit a crowd of five people. The three adults in the crowd were rush to the nearest hospital. The two children died shortly after the car crash.

According to the jury’s conclusions, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development was to blame for the accident, because the embankment was a dangerous road design. If the SUV had not rolled down the steep incline on the side of the road, the accident might never have happened.

Wrongful Death Cases Can Keep a Family Afloat After Tragedy

When you lose a loved one, the last thing you want to think about is how to deal with lawyers or insurance companies. However, in many cases, families will incur major expenses such as medical bills, funeral costs and lost income from a breadwinning family member. Wrongful death cases like this one are meant to provide victims’ families with the resources they need to get through these sorts of financial and emotional challenges.

Of course, no jury decisions will ever make up for the loss of these parents’ children. The hope, however, is that when people come forward and hold leaders accountable, changes will come that make our communities safer for everyone.

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