Could Better City Planning Have Prevented this Fatal Pedestrian Accident?

Electronic cigarettes can cause permanent injuriesA tow truck driver has been accused of causing the death of three people in a recent pedestrian accident. The people were waiting at a bus stop in New Orleans when the accident occurred. The truck was headed South on Tulane avenue when for an unknown reason it swerved off the road. Onlookers say that there was a lot of screaming, and that it was difficult to see or hear how it happened. Authorities arrived on the scene. Three victims were pronounced death, and one was treated for injuries.

Could Better City Planning Prevent Future Accidents?

The police are still investigating the crash for possible causes. Locals in the area complained that this spot is known for being dangerous. Trucks and other vehicles frequently make illegal U-turns, and drivers often come dangerously close to the bus stop. Other riders complain that they see cars making illegal left turns right by where the buses load.

We still don’t know whether this might be the case for this particular truck accident. It’s possible that the truck driver swerved because of drunk driving or some other reason. It may be, however, that better city planning to keep more law enforcement on the road, or even build guardrails by the stop, could help prevent tragedies such as this one in the future.

What to Do if You’re in a Pedestrians Accident

If you or a loved one are the victim of a pedestrian accident such as this one, the first priority should always be to seek medical attention. Once you have received treatment, you should talk to a lawyer. A skilled personal injury attorney can help you seek justice against a negligent driver in order to cover expenses such as medical bills and lost wages. This can help you stay on your feet while you are recovering.

We still do not know what caused this tragedy, but in the meantime we all need to work hard to come up with ways to make our streets safer for everyone.

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