About the Attorney – Rusty Galloway

Before becoming a founding partner of Galloway Jefcoat with John Jefcoat in 1996, Rusty had a diverse work history.

At 15, he worked as a dishwasher for the Vermilion Landing before working on Greywolf Rig 5 as a roughneck.

Over the years, he even worked at two radio stations (KSMB as a salesman and KPEL as a station manager)! After exploring a variety of industries, he pursued his passion by attending law school at Southern University Law School and becoming an attorney.

“I really like helping people,” he explains, “I get great joy in turning a bad situation into something good.”

From dominating the basketball court at Red’s, to writing and recording his own original music, Rusty is a man of many talents!

However, he’s best known for his charismatic personality and witty sense of humor. Looking for a way to make Rusty laugh? This Lafayette native is always tickled by Boudreaux and Thibodeaux jokes. His hometown roots come out when you get him talking about every South Louisianan’s favorite topic, FOOD.

“I like almost anything,” he admits, “There is no bad food, only bad cooks!”

With that said, Rusty’s favorites include: boiled crawfish, “a good hamburger and fries,” crawfish étouffée, chicken gumbo, and fried rabbit from La Fonda.If you know Rusty, you know that he is passionate about his clients and the firm.

“I like taking on new cases, meeting new people, and taking on new challenges,” he explains. “But, what really gets me going is when an old client comes back or sends someone to me, that means I did something right and they want my help again.”“I’m fortunate,” he shares, “very fortunate.”