Avoiding a Collision in the Most Dangerous Intersections in Lafayette

road map of area around lafayette louisianaCar accidents can happen in a wide variety of situations. However, intersections are some of the most common crash sites. There is so much activity at an intersection that accidents are much more likely to occur. This is especially true when drivers are reckless, such as when they run through red lights or speed. Some intersections experience more crashes than others. This might be because of high traffic volume or because of the design of the intersection.

Below, Galloway Jefcoat’s Lafayette motor vehicle accident lawyers discuss some of the most dangerous intersections in the Lafayette area and how to reduce the risk of a crash in these intersections. We also discuss seeking compensation after a crash in an intersection.

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Intersections Where Crashes Are More Likely

Do you travel through any of the intersections listed below?

Learn more why you need to exercise extra caution when traveling through these intersections.

Ambassador Caffery Parkway and Johnston Street

This intersection joins U.S. Route 167 and Louisiana State Highway 3073. Between January 2017 and the first half of 2018, there were 167 crashes in the intersection or nearby, according to data from The Daily Advertiser. This amounts to 9.3 crashes per month.

West Pinhook Road and Kaliste Saloom Road

One of the biggest problems with this intersection is the roads are too narrow. Unfortunately, drivers do not take this into account. The Daily Advertiser reported there were 155 crashes here between January 2017 and the first half of 2018.

West Congress Street and Bertrand Drive

This intersection is near the University of Louisiana at Lafayette by the hospital. There is a lot of traffic through this intersection, which is why there are six-lane roads in each direction.

Since the intersection is near a university, there may be a lot of distracted drivers. Also, despite the six-lane roads, many drivers are not as cautious as they should be, particularly when making turns.

According to The Daily Advertiser, there were 103 crashes between January 2017 and the middle of 2018.

Ambassador Caffery Parkway and Kaliste Saloom Road

Making a right turn to Ambassador Caffery Parkway while on Kaliste Saloom can be particularly dangerous. There are two right-turn lanes and sometimes drivers in the outside lane fail to stay in the outside lane when turning. This can cause crashes with drivers in the inside lane.

West Pinhook Road and Bendel Road

There are two right-turn lanes for drivers looking to turn right from Bendel Road to Pinhook road. Unfortunately, these roads are extremely narrow, making it hard to stay in a lane. This could lead to sideswipe crashes.

Other Dangerous Intersections in Lafayette

Some of the other dangerous intersections in Lafayette include:

  • Johnston St Near College Road
  • Johnston Street Near Camellia Boulevard/Rena Drive
  • Pinhook Road Near Kaliste Saloom Road
  • Ambassador Caffery Parkway Near Robley Dr.
  • Congress Street Near Guilbeau Road
  • Ambassador Caffery Parkway Near Congress Street
  • Camelia & Johnston
  • Eraste Landry Road & Foreman Drive
  • Johnston Street & East Broussard Road

Avoiding a Crash in These Dangerous Intersections

Many drivers know which intersections are dangerous. When possible, you can simply avoid these intersections. However, sometimes it is not possible to avoid a dangerous intersection. You may need to go through this intersection to get to work, take your children to school or go to a doctor’s appointment.

If you cannot avoid a dangerous intersection, you need to exercise caution and be a defensive driver. That means you need to assume other drivers are not going to operate their vehicles safely. Keep an eye on the vehicles around you and leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

For example, if you are at Ambassador Caffery Parkway and Kaliste Saloom Road and you are turning right, keep an eye on the cars next to yours. These drivers might drift over into your lane. You need to be prepared.

While you need to be cautious all the time, it is vital to be cautious when making turns, especially left turns and right turns on a red light. If you are unsure if the path is clear and you have enough time to proceed, you should probably wait.

Watch your speed and keep your focus on driving. Distracted driving causes so many collisions, particularly in intersections. The more focused you are on driving, the better you will be able to avoid a crash or at least reduce the risk of a serious crash. That said, sometimes there is nothing you can do to avoid a crash with a negligent driver.

Reviewing Legal Options After an Intersection Crash

Fault for a crash in an intersection can be complex because there is so much activity. Sometimes it is easy to determine who is at fault, such as in a T-bone crash or a left-turn crash when the turning driver had a green arrow.

Crashes in intersections also have the potential to be more severe because vehicles are traveling at different speeds. For example, if a fast-moving vehicle hits a slower-moving vehicle, the occupants of the slower-moving vehicle may be more likely to suffer severe injuries.

Given these factors, victims of intersection crashes should seriously consider contacting an experienced attorney to help them pursue compensation. The insurance company is likely to blame you for the accident and undervalue your claim.

After getting medical treatment, consider contacting an attorney to review legal options at no upfront cost to you.

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