Meet Personal Injury Attorney John Jefcoat

Attorney John Jefcoat and his law partner, Rusty Galloway, have been representing individuals and families throughout the greater Lafayette area after an accident or injury for over two decades. In this video, John explains a little bit about his own background and what drives him to practice law.  Video Transcription: Rusty and I met... Read more

Is There a Time Limit to File a Personal Injury Claim in Louisiana?

There is a time limit to file a personal injury claim. Louisiana has one of the shortest prescriptive periods (known as a statute of limitations in other states) in the country. In this video, attorney John Jefcoat explains how the prescriptive period works, and he discusses how if the state legislature would extend this time... Read more

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Workers Comp Claim?

While not every person who was hurt on the job may need a lawyer for a workers comp claim, there is no reason to not receive legal advice before filing a claim. In this video, attorney Shelly Maturin explains a few ways injured people may face difficulties during the workers comp process. It costs nothing... Read more

Is Distracted Driving a Problem in Louisiana?

Distracted driving is a huge problem in Louisiana and throughout the country, and it is a leading cause of car accidents. Texting while driving, a type of distracted driving, is particularly dangerous, as the person’s hands and eyes are on their smartphone. In this video, Lafayette car crash attorney Jason Weaver explains how he has... Read more

What Are Indemnity Benefits in Workers Comp?

Indemnity benefits in workers comp cases are the benefits injured workers receive to make up for their lost wages due to a workplace accident. However, these benefits are typically only a percentage of you regular wages. Additionally, you may receive different types of workers compensation indemnity benefits depending on your injuries and their permanent effects... Read more

What is the Immigration Process for Permanent Residents and Green Card Holders?

You may enter the United State on either an immigrant or a non-immigrant visa, depending on your future plans. However, plans change all the time; even if you planned to return to your home country, you may find yourself in need of an adjustment of status to allow you to remain permanently. In this video,... Read more

Are Amputations Covered Under the Workers Compensation Act?

Amputations and loss of limbs are covered under the Workers Compensation Act. Certain situations are all addressed in Louisiana Workers Compensation Act, where you’re entitled to an award based on a schedule. It’s important to hire a lawyer because sometimes the client may not know what they’re entitled to. An attorney has the knowledge to... Read more

What Do I Do if I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver?

If you were hit by a drunk driver, then that person may face criminal charges. However, while the criminal lawsuit may punish the driver, the district attorney does not represent you individually as the victim. In this video, Lafayette auto accident attorney Jason Weaver explains the importance of hiring a car accident lawyer to assist... Read more

What Can You Expect in a Personal Injury Consultation?

Our law firm offers a free consultation so that you can get to know our attorneys and learn what to expect from your personal injury claim. In this video, attorney Christopher Castro explains his strategy in a personal injury consultation so that his clients feel comfortable and heard, and have realistic expectations. Video Transcription I... Read more

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Personal Injury Case?

After a car crash or any kind of accident, the liable party’s insurance company may try to pressure you into an early settlement. However, these offers are notoriously low. While the insurance company may want to settle a personal injury case quickly, this is rarely in your best interest. In this video, attorney John Jefcoat... Read more