Boat Accident Spills Hazardous Chemicals

Photo of a supply vesselThe Mississippi River was partially closed a few days before Independence Day when two tugboats collided, and the resulting chaos caused five barges to break free of their moorings. While free, one of the barges reportedly capsized outside of navigable waters and then released an unknown amount of caustic soda into the river water.

Caustic soda is also known as sodium hydroxide, or lye, and has several uses, including chemical pulping and cleaning. Luckily, sodium hydroxide is not very harmful to the environment, and the experts say that the chemical was most likely neutralized as soon as it went into the water. However, officials are keeping a close eye on the local drinking water.

Was Anybody Injured In This Boat Accident?

So far, there haven’t been reports of anyone getting hurt, but when ships break loose like this, people can be injured or killed. There are special laws that govern over accidents at sea, so if you are injured at sea, it is critical that you find experienced legal representation. Visit our maritime law page to learn what you should do if you are injured on a ship, and follow our blog, Facebook and Twitter to learn more about law on the high seas and staying safe.

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