Did a Bus Driver’s Mistake Cause a Deadly Bus-Train Wreck?

Electronic cigarettes can cause permanent injuriesThe SunHerald recently updated the story involving the deadly bus-train wreck that took place a few weeks back. Per the report in the SunHerald, the driver behind the wheel of the tour bus at the time it collided with the train may have taken a detour from the approved route provided to him by the tour company prior to the fatal incident.

Could This Fatal Bus-Train Wreck Have Been Avoided?

According to the SunHerald, while it has been revealed that the bus driver did not follow the approved route, investigators are still unsure why he took the detour. The original route would have avoided the railroad crossing where the fatal bus-train wreck occurred. The railroad crossing had a history of incidents involving vehicles becoming stuck, which is what happened to the bus before the train crashed into it.

Reportedly, the tour bus company texted the driver the directions. However, the bus driver was also using a GPS unit designed for commercial use. It has not yet been determined whether the GPS unit took him on a different route than the one provided to him by the bus company.

Injury victims and the families of those killed in this incident deserve to know the truth about what happened. In addition, if the negligence of the bus driver or bus company, or the railroad crossing’s defective design, is responsible for this deadly crash, victims and their families may be able to bring those responsible to justice through a personal injury lawsuit.

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