Can a City Be Sued for Allowing Drunk Driving?

A very strange lawsuit has been filed in Alexandria, Louisiana. The city is being sued for a wrongful death because of an intoxicated driver, who had recently been released by the police department, caused three accidents, including a fatal crash. The Fowler family is taking on both the driver and the City of Alexandria for killing their family member.
Picture of Potential Drunk Driving Accident
The driver is said to have been intoxicated with amphetamines, cocaine and methadone when he left a casino and drove his truck straight into a ditch. After being pulled out of the ditch by a tow truck, he immediately crashed into the rear of another vehicle. After this second accident, the police arrived following an anonymous 911 call. However, the police allegedly let him go without giving him a sobriety test or a ticket.

Soon after the police left, the driver got into a head-on collision with another truck, killing David Fowler.

The wrongful death claim by the Fowler family against the intoxicated driver and the city claims that he and the police force had a special relationship, which allowed him to be released despite the risk he posed to himself and other drivers.

Do You Need a Wrongful Death Lawyer in the Lafayette, Louisiana Area?

The loss of a family member can be life altering to family and friends. If someone else is at fault for your relative’s wrongful death, then a car accident attorney may be able to punish the offending party for damages for mental anguish, loss of consortium, deprivation of companionship and possible other economic and non-economic compensation.

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