Can Daylight Savings Increase Workplace Injuries?

The Society for Human Resource Management published an article on the effects of daylight savings as a cause for workplace accidents. Research in the Journal of Applied Psychology shows that this loss of one hour can increase the number of workplace injuries across the nation.
Picture of a man falling off of a ladder
The U.S. Department of Labor can confirm this with statistics that show that more injuries happen on the Monday after daylight savings than on an average Monday. The loss of an hour sleep saw a 5.7 percent increase in injuries at the workplace.

The National Sleep Foundation adds that it can take several days to get used to the time change. Jobs that require more attention to detail than most are especially affected by the lost hour of sleep.

The extra hour gained later in the year does not seem to affect workplace safety.

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[Did You Know? Experts advise businesses to start work later to make up for the lost hour of sleep after daylight savings.]

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