Can I Be At-Fault in a Three-Car Accident If I Am Hit First?

iStock 522604361 resize - Can I Be At-Fault in a Three-Car Accident If I Am Hit First?A three-vehicle accident in Broussard left one dead and two injured in late May. A police chief who witnessed the accident said that he noticed a car driven by a Lafayette man traveling east in the inside lane before veering into the outside lane and striking a concrete embankment. He then lost control of his vehicle and went across every other lane, across a median and into oncoming traffic.

The car then struck a white truck from behind, which caused the car to spin into more traffic and hit another truck. It then flipped onto its roof. Extrication was required to pull the driver out of the destroyed car, but he passed away at the hospital not long after the accident. The other two drivers were hospitalized with minor injuries.

Multi-Car Accident Liability in Louisiana

When there is a multi-car accident in Louisiana, the only person who is able to claim freedom from liability is the person who is struck last. Depending on how many other drivers are involved, liability can be split in a variety of ways.

Louisiana law applies a pure comparative negligence method to determine car accident liability. This means that each driver will be assigned a percentage of fault. Depending on your percentage of fault, the amount of damages you can recover will be affected. If, for example, a court decides you are eligible to collect $10,000 for a car accident injury, but you are 30 percent at fault, 30 percent of your damages will be deducted (you will be eligible for $7,000).


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