How Can Louisiana Slow Down the Drunk Driving Epidemic?

The first month of the year has yet to come to a close and already Louisianans are dying in drunk driving accidents. One victim died January 8 when a two-time convicted intoxicated driver struck her SUV after allegedly running a stop sign. Another died on January 13 when a first-time offender drove intoxicated and without a license, resulting in a vehicular homicide charge.

These are not the only instances of DWI fatalities this year, just a couple of cherry-picked examples. One report showed 4,532 intoxicated driving reports by law enforcement officers within the last three years. Of this group, 29 defendants went to trial, and only 13 were found guilty.

For drivers who follow the law and their families, it is unacceptable that so many drunk drivers are not being reprimanded for their actions. As a remedy, Louisiana State Senator Jonathan Perry proposed the law enacted on January 1 that penalized first-time offenders with jail time and increased the penalties for repeat offenses. He believes that the bill is still not enough.

What More Would Senator Perry Do to Curb Drunk Driving?

If Perry had his way, drunk driving offenses would not be forgiven after 10 years, as they currently are. Perry would also like for the state to stop worrying about jailing drunk drivers who would otherwise be “productive citizens,” stating that someone who repeatedly makes the choice to drive drunk is more of a liability than a boon to society.

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