Can These New Changes to Lafayette Traffic Lights Save Lives?

Has your vehicle been recalled?The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) is finishing the installation of new traffic lights at 83 intersections across Acadiana. These signals will use flashing and solid yellow arrows to notify you when it is safe to make left turns. If you see a flashing yellow arrow signal, it means you can yield to possible traffic or pedestrians and make a turn. Solid arrows mean the light is about to turn red. According to the DODT, the lights will improve safety and hopefully prevent accidents at intersections.

Acadiana is not the only place in the US installing these new signals. The new traffic lights have a standard red arrow and green arrow, but with added solid and blinking yellow arrows. Research conducted by the Federal Highway Administration has shown these lights help drivers make fewer mistakes. The lights also give motorists more opportunities to make safe left turns during heavy traffic and can help motorists avoid getting stuck in the middle of intersections.

Acadiana may reduce the number of accidents at intersections caused by confused drivers who hesitate while turning. These new traffic signals may also deter motorists from running through lights that are about to turn red.

Why Are Turns a Major Cause of Car Accidents at Intersections?

Left-hand turns are a major cause of car accidents at intersections, not just in Lafayette, but across the country. Some of these accidents occur because motorists do not have enough information to judge when it is safe to make turns. They may become stuck at intersections or rush through the light.

There are also now fewer excuses for motorists who run through red lights and hit other drivers. It would be more difficult for people to claim they did not know the light was about to turn red. Blinking and solid yellow arrows give drivers not one, but two opportunities to know the light is getting ready to change.

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