Can Smart Phone Apps Help Motorists Avoid Dangerous Driving Conditions?

Avoid winter car accidentsAs the weather becomes colder, we can expect driving conditions to become more dangerous for motorists. Fortunately, smart phone technology and apps have provided an easy way to help improve our safety and possibly avoid weather-related car accidents.

Some smart phone operating systems are automatically set up to warn of dangerous weather, but might lack specifics on hazards motorists are likely to encounter while traveling.

  • For Android users, the Simple Weather Alert app monitors National Weather Service (NWS) alerts for specific areas. When bad weather approaches and driving conditions become dangerous, the app will signal your phone to buzz, light up or ring. Users can also assign keywords, such as ice or sleet, to help filter the types of alerts received.
  • While not considered an app, the NWS has an extremely accurate and powerful mapping tool that can help travelers plot weather hazards along their journey. The Enhanced Data Display can be found on the NWS website.
  • AccuWeather’s apps can be set to push alerts directly to the home screen of users, providing weather data and severe weather alerts for specific areas. Some of the apps also have a “trip planner” feature that lets users review weather conditions throughout their journey.

Avoid Dangerous Driving Conditions This Winter

These are only three examples, but there are many other types of apps smart phone users can install to stay safe from winter weather conditions. Every year, there are injuries and deaths from sleet, a combination of ice and rain that can cause dangerous road conditions. Technology can be extremely useful for avoiding catastrophes during the holidays, and we hope this information can help you and your family stay safe.

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