Can You Handle A Tire Blowout?

Picture of Tire BlowoutTire blowouts can be very complex and difficult to deal with. On the road, they can be shocking, and your reaction to them might not be the best.

On July 3, an SUV traveling eastbound on I-10 near Baton Rouge had a catastrophic blowout. As a result of the blowout, the driver lost control of the SUV, crossed the median and hit another car. The 66-year-old driver of the other car died, despite being properly restrained by a seat belt, and the six people in the SUV were transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. The SUV driver will now face charges for negligent homicide, careless operation, improper child restraints and for driving without insurance, but the blowout of his tire was the real cause of this awful car crash.

How Can I Avoid An Accident After A Tire Blowout?

Knowing how to deal with a blowout can be just as important as avoiding one. If your tire goes out, don’t panic. You should keep constant pressure on the accelerator, don’t immediately brake and gently steer against the pull caused by the blowout. You should try to stay in your lane and come to a slow stop once you have full control of the vehicle again. The driver of the SUV shouldn’t have been driving, but if he had known how to properly handle a blow out, tragedy could have been avoided.

Can An Attorney Help Me After A Tire Blowout?

Modern processes for making tires has made tire blowouts very rare, but they do still happen, and sometimes those blowouts are due to the tire’s defective construction. Only a proper investigation will reveal if your accident was caused by a defective tire, and the lawyers at Galloway Jefcoat have the experience necessary to investigate your case. Visit our product liability page for more information, and keep following our blog, Twitter and Facebook for more information about keeping your family safe.

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