Can You Sue a Business If You Are Injured in Its Bathroom?

A Winn-Dixie in Metairie, Louisiana is under fire because a man filed a lawsuit after injuring himself in the store’s bathroom. The plaintiff claims that about a year ago he entered the Winn-Dixie bathroom, slipped on something wet and injured his head, neck and back.
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The business is accused of failing to warn anyone of a slip and fall hazard, failure to keep the restroom floor clean, failing to properly inspect the restroom and many similar complaints. This case is a solid example of both a premises liability lawsuit and a slip and fall accident.

Information on Slip and Fall Accidents

Whereas slip and falls are not commonly fatal, they are a leading cause for injuries that resulted in missed days at work. Accidents involving slip and falls account for over one million hospital visits nationwide, according to the National Floor Safety Institute. Hip fractures are generally the most serious injuries that can occur in slip and fall accidents, especially for seniors.

If you were injured in your slip and fall, then a business could be held liable for your injury if the property owner:

  • Is proven to have been at fault for causing the condition of the slippery surface
  • Had known about the situation and ignored it
  • Was notified but did not correct the hazardous condition

In short, the store must be proven to have been negligent and that negligence must be proven to have caused your injury. A personal injury attorney can help you seek justice by taking part in the investigation and representing your interests so you can receive damages for a proper recovery.

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