Car Color Could Affect Car Accidents

Lafayette car accident lawyers for crash claimsAre you trying to decide between picking a silver car or a black car? Here is some research that may help you make this decision, especially if avoiding car accidents is one of your primary concerns.

In what has proved to be an interesting study, research published in the British Medical Journal has found a link between car accident rates and car color.

The study shows that brown vehicles had the highest rate of car accidents involving serious injuries. Additionally, black and green automobiles were overrepresented in car crashes.

The Safest Car Color for Avoiding Accidents

Researchers found a 50 percent less chance of a car accident leading to injury for drivers that owned silver cars. White cars were also shown to be safe in this study.

It has not been decided whether or not lighter colored cars were easier to see for other drivers or if people that are more cautious were inclined to buy lighter colored cars.

Coincidently, the top three most popular cars in North America include two of the “safe” colors: silver and white. Black is the third most popular car color. These three colors makes up more than 50 percent of cars made for North American consumers. Silver and white alone make up almost 39 percent of all North American cars.

Need a Car Accident Attorney in Lafayette, Louisiana?

In the grand scheme of things, any car is liable to get into a serious wreck when negligent drivers, such as distracted motorists or drunk drivers, are on the road. If another driver’s mistake injures you or your family member, then choose a car accident attorney with successful verdicts and settlements.

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