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Our personal injury attorneys want you to be up to date on all the news in our community, so the stories in this category are all about Lafayette, Louisiana.

Happy Father’s Day! Share This With All of the Awesome Dads In Your Life!

Dedication. Courage. All of the qualities that make a father who he is. Today is for you. Happy Father’s Day!          

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Can a New Safety Campaign Help Prevent Pedestrian and Bike Accidents in Lafayette?

In the wake of a bicycle accident involving a distracted driver hitting a bicyclist on the Harrison Bridge between West Lafayette and Lafayette, a committee began working on a bike safety campaign. The committee, known as the Lafayette Community Development Project, hoped that the campaign would help prevent pedestrian accidents and bicycle wrecks from happening in the future. Teaching Pedestrians, Drivers and Cyclists to Safely Share the Road The initial goal of the Lafayette Community Development Project’s safety campaign is to change how drivers view bicyclists and pedestrians and their place on the road. They plan to do this through education and awareness programs designed to help drivers, pedestrians and cyclists understand where bikes and pedestrians belong on the road and what traffic laws cyclists and pedestrians are supposed to obey. In addition to the Lafayette Community Development Project, Bicycle Lafayette and Purdue University are involved in the safety campaign….
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How to Host the Best Crawfish Boil in Town This Season

Have your friends, family and neighbors outdone your crawfish boils in the past? Even if that’s not the case and you put on the best crawfish boil each year, it never hurts to check out how someone else does it, so you can outdo them. Here’s a video from Southern Living magazine, where you can learn how their experts put on a Southern-style crawfish boil.

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