Should the City Build Walls to Protect Houses from Traffic Accidents?

How should you handle car insurance after an accident?Imagine a traffic accident happening in your own front yard. It’s a terrifying idea, but a Baton Rouge neighborhood has repeatedly had this very problem. Recently, an accident off Interstate 10 sent a car crashing dangerously close to a local woman’s home. Fortunately, nobody was harmed, but the incident raises safety questions about the impact of having a crowded interstate so close to a residential area.

The crash happened because of a nearby two-car accident. After the collision, one of the cars ran off the road towards the woman’s home. The car would have hit the house if it hadn’t hit an oak tree in the front yard first.

Neighbors in the area say that this sort of incident has happened before. Less than a year ago, a drunk driver crashed into a nearby house. The repeated issues have many searching for a solution from the city.

Could Building a Wall Help Protect These Homes from Traffic Accidents?

Multiple people in the community have mentioned the possibility of building a traffic wall to keep cars from running off the interstate and into their homes. Some have even started going to city officials to make their case.

Rodney Mallet, who works for the Department of Transportation and Development, is not convinced that it is the right idea, however. When asked about the possibility, he doesn’t seem to think that the city is to blame. While he says that the agency plans to take a closer look, he suspects that driver error is the issue, since these types of accidents are rare.

Whatever city leaders decide, let’s hope that they find a way to prevent accidents like this from happening. No matter how rare it might be, nobody likes the idea of a car crashing into their home. It’s easy to see why the community would be concerned.

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