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Since 1996, the personal injury attorneys at Galloway Jefcoat, LLP have represented over a thousand clients in accident, workers’ compensation cases and claims where our hands-on, personalized approach to practicing law made a difference.

We still believe in good, old-fashioned customer service. Read our past client testimonials about their experience working with our personal injury attorney teams in Lafayette and Lake Charles. Our firm has served client located across southern Louisiana, including Sulphur, Calcasieu Parish and nearby areas.

From our first meeting to getting the results you deserve, we are here to assist you throughout your recovery. Call today if you have any questions. We are happy to provide free legal advice during an attorney review.

Client of the Month- Robert Fritz

Review of Rusty Galloway“I came to Mr. Galloway after being hurt while working on a barge and Rusty was able to handle my Jones Act case with great results. Rusty, Renee and Jason are courteous, down to earth and professional. I would recommend them to other people any day of the week.” – Robert

Jones Act and Maritime cases can be very complex so it’s important to hire an attorney with extensive experience in this area. Mr. Rusty Galloway worked offshore before becoming an attorney and he is familiar with the different laws concerning injured worker’s on land, on boats and on oil rigs. John Jefcoat and Rusty Galloway have been serving Acadiana for over 20 years and would be happy to offer you a free consultation on your workers’ compensation, Jones Act or maritime case.  Call 337-984-8020 or chat today!

Client of the Month – Anna Rideaux

Lafayette Attorney Reviews

Heartfelt Thanks to Lafayette Attorney Rusty Galloway

“Mr. Rusty Galloway is the best attorney I have ever had. He was always there when I needed him and he was always there when my doctors called, watching out for me. If the doctor said I needed treatment, he told the doctor to get it done! I didn’t have to suffer for anything, all of my medical bills got paid and I didn’t fall behind. I have the best attorney in Lafayette. A special thanks to Ms. Renee (paralegal), she is the best. When I called, she always said, “I will get it done Ms. Anna.”. Thanks for everything Galloway Jefcoat has done and may God bless y’all for years to come.”

Your’s Truly,

Anna Rideaux

P.S. You’re the

Mr. Rusty,

Thanks for doing everything you have done for my mom. I really appreciate the time you took with her. You have been through this with us since day one and I really like what you did for her.

Nicole Rideaux (Anna’s Daughter)

When you become a client of Galloway Jefcoat, LLP, we will try to do all we can to help you put your life back together. Our entire staff is here to make your experience here positive and in the end we will always fight for what you need. Call attorney Rusty Galloway today at 337-984-8020.

Scott Carriere

Galloway Jefcoat Lafayette Car Accident Client Review“I was involved in a rear end collision on a local hwy. I contacted John Jefcoat and his team because a friend of mine had referred the firm to me. From the moment I was introduced to Mr. John, I felt welcome and assured that he was going to take care of me. I suffered from lower back and shoulder pain at the time. He arranged the medical care I needed with no out of pocket expense at that time. I was really impressed by the friendly disposition of Mr. Jefcoat and his staff. They always responded to my concerns and questions and gave me a good peace of mind throughout my ordeal. The case was carried through with a better outcome than I had anticipated. I would like to say thank you to Mr. John Jefcoat and the entire staff. I really had a great experience with the firm.” – Scott Carriere

Cinderella Vallier

Galloway Jefcoat Review“I have been a client of Galloway Jefcoat since 2007. Since then I must say that the services have been nothing less than excellent. I am always greeted with smiles, laughter and conversation. I feel like I have gained a family. To my attorney and all the staff, thank you for everything!”

Veronica Roy

Photo of Client of the Month, Veronica Roy“I felt like Rusty and his team handled my case professionally and put me first. They seemed genuinely concerned about my health and making me whole again, not just about money.”

Joie Connelly

Lafayette Injury Firm Client“I was very impressed with the personalized, helpful service from everyone I have come in contact with at Galloway Jefcoat. Beginning with those who have come to my aid at the front desk, to my attorney, Holly Lamarche, I have been treated with sincerity, respect and dignity. Which is such a relief, as choosing a law firm to represent my interests is not an everyday occurrence for me, and I had been feeling rather intimidated by the entire idea.” – Denise (Joie) Connelly

John Copeland

Galloway Jefcoat Review July“I called Galloway Jefcoat for my motorcycle accident because they handled a case for me in the past and I was happy with the results. I recommend Rusty Galloway and his team to other people because they handle workers’ comp and accident cases so well. They do what they say they will do, speak to the doctors on your behalf and help the case go as smoothly as possible. One year and two surgeries later, I feel like I chose the right attorney to represent me.”

Paul Billiot Jr.

Client of the Month May“I came to Galloway Jefcoat after having a bad experience with another firm. Here, I am treated well from the minute I come in to the minute I leave. My calls are always returned and I am given straight-up legal advice. My attorney, Chris Castro, is honest and explains both the good and bad as the case moves along.”