Controversial Dialysates Lead to Defective Drug MDL Lawsuit

The controversial dialysates, GranuFlo and NaturaLyte, are in the news again as two bellwether trials are scheduled for these multidistrict litigation (MDL) cases. Both trials are set for January 11 and February 16, 2016. This is an important case because these defective drugs affected so many people. Currently, there are over two thousand cases in this MDL and the number is continuing to grow.

How Can a Defective Dialysate Harm a Patient?

Apparently, there is an issue with the product labeling, which lead to improper levels of bicarbonate to enter the bloodstream of patients, causing heart attacks and other serious health complications.

The plaintiffs claim that the manufacturer, Fresenius Medical Care Inc., did not inform enough dialysis clinics of alkali dosing errors in its two products. Fresenius did alert their Fresenius clinics, but they did not send a warning to the approximately 1,500 dialysis clinics that are not associated with Fresenius. Our own state of Louisiana is involved in this case, as well for the harm this company has done to innocent people within our state borders.

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[Did You Know? A bellwether trial will use a few sample cases from a larger case to help resolve the mass tort litigation.]

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