Couple Sues for $3.5 Million over Oil Tanker Accident

Picture of a paralyzed man using his wheelchairThere are special laws protecting the rights of people who work on ships. The Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act were created to protect maritime workers who suffer injuries on the high seas, and many other unique and specific laws also protect sailors. It is the protection of these laws that have spurred on a Terrebonne Parish couple who are suffering after an accident at sea.

While working as a seaman on the Frontier Driller, a Terrebonne Parish man was crushed by the lid of a 12’-by-12’ toolbox. He suffered a fractured spine in the oil tanker accident that has left him incapable of working, and he has had to rely on his wife for support through this tough time.

How Can Victims of Negligence at Sea Get Help?

Together the couple is asking for restitution plus legal fees, expenses, and costs that add up to nearly $3.5 million. Their case alleges that the vessel in question was not seaworthy, and that the toolbox that crushed the victim should have had a hydraulic closing mechanism. The wind was able to slam the toolbox lid on the victim, and a closing system may have prevented the accident.

Several Baton Rouge companies are implicated in this negligence lawsuit, and they may be culpable for this couple’s suffering. If you have been injured in an accident aboard a ship, seek experienced counsel like the attorneys at Galloway Jefcoat. Our lawyers have years of experience working on cases like this and have also worked in the maritime industry. Visit our maritime section for more information, and stay informed by reading our blog, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

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