Is Distracted Driving Causing a Spike in Pedestrian Deaths?

Distracted driving accidents cost livesA new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) shows an alarming rise in fatal pedestrian accidents. Distracted driving was one of the contributors to the 10 percent increase in pedestrian deaths. The GHSA claims this is the largest year-to-year increase in fatal pedestrian accidents ever recorded.

During a press release, the GHSA claimed pedestrian safety is a growing problem across the country, and that engineering, education and increased enforcement could help reverse this dangerous trend.

The bad news from the GHSA also affects Louisiana residents, as our state ranked among the highest for pedestrian deaths in 2014. In other words, be extra careful while crossing the street: you never know who might be screwing around on Facebook while driving.

Texting and Driving? You Might as Well Be Blindfolded

Even professional Indy-car racers cannot safely text and drive. Indy-car racer Parker Thompson recently took part in a demonstration on an empty lot where he was asked to text and drive while avoiding pedestrians (which in this case were plastic dummies).

How did it work out for Mr. Thompson? The poor plastic dummies never stood a chance. During the demonstration, he flattened six traffic cones and hit three of the plastic dummies. He might as well have been blindfolded. If a professional Indy-car racer can’t text and drive, you probably can’t either.

We recently wrote a blog detailing the story of a young Texas A&M student who was tragically killed by a distracted driver while he was out jogging. Distracted driving is a preventable cause of death and catastrophic injuries, and it is of great importance to continue bringing awareness to this serious public safety issue.

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