Does Louisiana Have a Motorcycle Accident Problem?

Picture of a Motorcycle AccidentLast year, nearly 90 motorcycle crashes claimed lives. This year there have been 30 Louisiana motorcycle accidents that have caused 32 fatalities, and during the July 10th weekend, five people died in motorcycle crashes. These numbers continue to grow, but the police of Louisiana are fighting to keep more motorcyclists safe and alive.

How Are Police Helping Motorcyclists?

The police are stopping motorcyclists who are not wearing proper gear, since Louisiana state law requires that motorcyclist wear a DOT-certified helmet when riding a motorcycle. Around 20 percent of the people who died in motorcycle accidents this year did not have a helmet on, and those who wore helmets were often not wearing DOT-certified helmets.

Motorcyclists who are stopped for not riding with the proper gear will receive a ticket and won’t be allowed to leave on their motorcycle. “So if we have to tow the vehicle, we will tow it, unless you can get a proper helmet,” State Police Master Trooper Brooks David tells local news affiliate KLFY.

How Can I Help Prevent A Motorcycle Accident?

The police are also reminding drivers that they need to be on the lookout for motorcyclists. One motorcycle safety course instructor said that most drivers who run into motorcyclists never saw the bike, but that doesn’t excuse their actions. If car drivers can stay vigilant for motorcycles, many lives could be saved.

Can An Attorney Improve Motorcycle Safety?

The attorneys of Galloway Jefcoat have represented the victims of negligent drivers for years. Lawsuits defending motorcycle accident victims help raise awareness and can prevent future accidents, so don’t be afraid to contact an attorney if you are injured in a motorcycle crash. Your call could help save lives.

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