Dredge Pipe Causes A Deadly Boat Accident: Will The Company Pay For The Crash?

Picture of Boating AccidentOn September 16, 2012, a businessman and philanthropist boating when his vessel struck an underwater object. That collision caused the boat engine to break free of the stern, and flip into the boat where the propeller struck the 54-year-old man. He later succumbed to his injuries.

Dredge Pipe Causes A Deadly Boat Accident

After an investigation, authorities found a dredge pipe that was not marked properly with lights. Immediately, suspicion fell upon the CF Bean, a company subcontracted to dredge the area, and the family of the victim immediately filed a lawsuit.

As an entire community mourned and named a park after the lost philanthropist, his family has been in a courtroom holding pattern. The defendants, CF Bean and Archer Western Contractors, have gone to extreme lengths to delay and minimize damages from the deadly boat crash.

How Is The Lawsuit Being Delayed?

First, defendants claimed that the philanthropist didn’t hit the pipeline to their dredge boat, despite the Coast Guard report that said otherwise. Then they blamed Suzuki Motor Corporation and Bob’s Machine Shop for producing defective products that contributed to the philanthropist’s death. These tactics have held this civil lawsuit up for years, but the federal courts have also gotten involved.

On Friday October 16th, the U.S. Attorney’s Office filed charges of criminal negligence against CF Bean LLC for not placing marker lights on the Bean 20 pipeline. The company immediately pled guilty to the charge and is now facing sentencing, but how will this affect family of the victim? Federal fines do not go to the victim’s family, only a civil wrongful death lawsuit can accomplish this. We hope the family receives the maximum amount of damages to which they are entitled under law.

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