How To Share the Road With An 18-Wheeler

Are sleepy truckers putting you at risk?

In our modern society, driving with trucks is an everyday occurrence that we all have to accept and deal with. During high-speed driving on the freeway, however, driving next to or behind a large 18-wheeler truck can be an intimidating and frustrating experience. This fear probably has to do with the assumption of severe damage a truck of that size will inflict on your small car. However, there are some ways to avoid a serious injury while driving near these tractor trailers.

Are sleepy truckers putting you at risk?

Stay Out of Their Way

The hardest thing about driving with 18-wheelers is giving them the room they need, while also respecting the space that you need to drive. Make sure you stay out of their very huge blind spot, and don’t drive too close to them, especially if they have any warning labels or signs like “wide load” or “oversize load.” Don’t cut off a truck when you’re making an exit, and if you pass one maintain your speed and keep ahead of them. Use the left lane as a passing lane, so if a truck comes up behind you they’re not forced to pass you on the right.

Realize Their Struggles

It’s true that you will most likely be the vulnerable victim in a personal injury accident lawsuit against a truck driver, but it’s also true that trucks can sometimes have good defenses. Trucks have to navigate freeways and local roads much more carefully than we do; turning for them is very difficult, and they struggle overall with seeing small cars in their mirrors and watching out for street lights and bridges. Understand this and it’ll be a little easier to respect 18-wheeler trucks when you drive next to them.

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