Is Drowsy Driving as Unsafe as Drunk Driving?

Tragedy struck last month when five members of the Hardman family of Terrell, Texas were killed while driving through Louisiana on their way to Disney World.

The accident happened when the 16-year-old driver allegedly fell asleep at the wheel, causing the vehicle to veer onto the median. The driver tried to react, but the SUV flipped, throwing six of the family members out of the vehicle. None of the six were wearing seatbelts. The dead included the parents as well as three children.

The teen driver was cited for reckless driving, but his ticket has since been dismissed, as the court felt that the driver had suffered enough.

Fatigued driving, also called drowsy driving, is often compared to drunk driving due to its prevalence and the similar statistics associated with them. A study by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that one-third of adult drivers admitted to falling asleep at the wheel in 2005.

Some states have passed laws increasing the punishments for fatigued driving. In August of 2014, Louisiana increased the penalty for fatigued drivers involved in fatal crashes.

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