Elevator Accident Injures Teens in New Orleans

Photo of a brown gavel on a sounding blockContrary to what Hollywood might have you believe, elevator collapses are uncommon. When an elevator does malfunction, the most typical consequences to those trapped inside is boredom and perhaps a little anxiety. Most injuries caused by elevator malfunctions occur when someone tries to get out of the elevator and becomes trapped.

However, that doesn’t mean elevators don’t collapse.

Elevator Collapse in New Orleans

In July, a group of Wahoo teens traveled to New Orleans for a mission trip helping people still affected by Hurricane Katrina. The group was at a host family’s home for a dinner when the host and four teens entered the home’s elevator. As they ascended to the third floor, others in the home heard a sudden, terrible and very loud noise, followed by screaming. Emergency responders rushed to the teens and host inside the elevator and found all of them with varying degrees of injury to their legs, ankles and feet.

One teen suffered a compound fracture and left heel fracture. Another suffered bilateral leg fractures. Another broke both feet, and the last had a broken ankle. The homeowner suffered multiple fractures in one leg.

Every year, 27 Americans die in elevator accidents. Injuries affect just over 10,000 people every year. If you suffer injuries or lose a loved one in an elevator accident, and the owner’s negligence was the primary cause of your injuries, you should discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer.


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