What if an Emergency Vehicle Driver is Negligent?

Electronic cigarettes can cause permanent injuriesCar accidents due to driver negligence are common. Less common however, are accidents where an emergency vehicle driver is at fault. With these incidents being infrequent, most people don’t know how to handle them. Let’s change that.

What to do if an Emergency Vehicle Driver Crashes into You

Just because emergency vehicles have sirens and flashing lights doesn’t mean they can’t cause accidents. Law permits ambulance, firetruck, and police car drivers certain liberties in terms of traffic laws, such as running red lights. They still must, however, avoid driving in an unreasonably dangerous manner. Such examples include:

  • Failing to use lights and sirens when engaging in potentially dangerous traffic behavior
  • Speeding through red lights without first ensuring traffic is clear
  • Taking turns too quickly
  • Failing to allow safe distance between vehicles

When an emergency vehicle driver engages in such behavior and causes an accident, you may be entitled to compensation just as you would be in any other accident. However, claims against the government generally have different time constraints than typical claims.

A further complication is that courts must consider mistakes by other vehicles in following correct protocol, such as pulling over. For these reasons, it is of extra importance that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure that, together, you can handle the case properly.

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