Evangeline Parish Man Sues Energy Company for Work Injuries

Photo of a work injury claim formAn Evangeline Parish man has sued an energy company for causing work injuries that left him disabled. The man filed a complaint in late May against Hilcorp Energy Co., alleging negligence led to his disability.

The complaint states that the man was employed by Quality Process Services and was doing work at Hilcorp Energy Co.’s facilities, operating a 25-foot skiff. During his work, the skiff collided with a dock and a board came through the window, striking the worker’s hand and wrist. As a result of the boating accident, the plaintiff alleges great pain and agony, mental anguish, lost wages and medical expenses.

He blames Hilcorp for ordering him to operate the skiff, the Miss Alice, without providing proper training on its operation. He seeks a trial by jury and damages in the amount of $2 million.

Lack of Training and Workplace Accidents

Many workplace accidents result from unsafe work environments or the failure of employees to provide safety equipment or warnings. But a lack of training is another potential vector for employer liability. Employers are legally required to provide all necessary training to workers before setting them loose on tasks that could expose them to danger. And all too often, when an injury results from this lack of training, the employer is quick to blame the employee for not being careful enough. Without the assistance of a work injury attorney, the injured worker will have a difficult time obtaining the damages that he or she is owed. That is why, after seeking medical treatment, your next call should be to a lawyer.


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