Explosion Injures Workers – Will Workers’ Comp Pay?

Picture of construction workersOn September the 3rd there was an explosion at the Renewable Energy Group (REG) plant in the Geismar industrial complex. The fire took five hours to extinguish, trapped workers in other plants, and injured four workers. The injuries range from minor to severe burns that have left these employees stuck in a burn ward and asking, “Will workers’ comp pay for this?”

What Caused The Fire?

The REG plant is just off of LA. 30 and has a history of this kind of accident. In April the plant experienced another fire that injured two workers and caused $11 million in damages. In that explosion, a seal on a hydraulic pump failed, but the explosion a few days ago was caused by the ignition of hydrogen gas.

Were The Workers Badly Injured?

The victims of that explosion were burned to varying degrees. Two of the workers have been released from the hospital, but two are still being cared for at the Baton Rouge General Medical Center’s Regional Burn Center. At least one of the victims has undergone surgery, and there is still no word on how long their recoveries could be.

Will Workers’ Comp Pay For Their Injuries?

Each of these injured workers will more than likely submit a workers’ compensation claim but only one of them was an REG company employee, the other three were contract workers. In Louisiana, full-time, part-time and seasonal employees are entitled to workers’ comp, but only properly classified independent contractors and subcontractors qualify. This could cause complications down the road, and hospital stays and surgery can leave you with expensive hospital bills.

This is why it is important to consult an attorney about your workers’ compensation claim. At Galloway Jefcoat we have experienced lawyers that have worked in the workers’ compensation industry before, so we know all their tricks. For more information about your rights, keep following our blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

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