Fatal Accident on the Pacific Santa Ana Drillship: Is The Victim’s Family Being Kept In the Dark?

Photo of a supply vesselThe Pacific Santa Ana was preparing to drill approximately 200 miles south of Lake Charles when the ship was forced to call the Coast Guard. An accident took the life of a crewman, but details are being closely guarded and not even the victim’s family is being kept in the loop. So when will the victim’s family learn about the fate of their loved one?

Fatal Accident on the Pacific Santa Ana Drillship

The 34-year-old victim of this accident was a native of Hope, Maine. He was married with three children, had worked for Pacific Drilling for about a year, and he had been a self-employed roofer/carpenter before working on the ship. The Hope community has rallied behind this man’s family to provide support, but information about the accident has not been forthcoming.

What Do We Know About The Accident?

Pacific Drilling and the company that hired their services—Chevron—have not released any information about the accident. They have also withheld information from the wife of the victim, who has travelled all the way from Maine to Louisiana in the hopes of finding out what happened to her husband.

The U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement as well as the Coast Guard have sent investigators to the drillship to investigate the incident, but the agencies will not be giving public updates.

“The only update will be the announcement that we have formally opened the investigation, because it’s not considered an ongoing event,” a spokesperson for BSEE commented to the media.

Hopefully, the family of this victim will have their answers soon, but why is information about this accident being so closely guarded? Workers and their families are protected by special maritime laws, and having an attorney that understands these laws can help victims and their loved ones protect their rights. For more information about the rights of oil rig workers, keep following our blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

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