Fatal Bus Accident in Louisiana Kills 2 and Injures 41

Galloway Jefcoat LLPAs more details continue to be released about yesterday’s bus accident that occurred near New Orleans on Interstate 10, it is starting to seem like this crash should have never occurred in the first place. Yesterday’s accident killed two and injured another 41. A district fire chief with the St. John the Baptist Fire Department and a motorist involved in the collision died.

The bus was carrying around 40 construction workers on their way to help rebuilding efforts in Baton Rouge. It turns out the driver responsible for bringing the workers to their destination did not have a commercial driver’s license and was speeding. The bus driver was cited three weeks earlier for driving without a license after being pulled over on the same interstate where the accident occurred.

According to police, the unlicensed driver lost control of the bus and crashed into a fire truck and other vehicles. The fire truck was at the scene of an accident, where three firefighters were rendering aid. When the bus collided, the three firemen fell 40 feet over the side of the interstate guardrail.

Please Follow Louisiana’s Move Over Law

Details suggest the bus driver may have crashed because he was speeding on roads slick from recent rainfall. Louisiana does have a ‘move over law’ in place. The law requires motorists and commercial vehicles to maintain a safe speed for road conditions and to move over so emergency responders have room to work.

This tragedy could not come at a worse time for our state. The workers involved in the accident are desperately needed in Baton Rouge, where some of the worst flooding in national history has wiped out countless homes and businesses.


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